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The different portals of museum-digital

Museum-digital is composed of different portals. Most of them are regionally structured.

International Portals

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Regional portals in Germany

Themator: Topical Portals

The themator is a tool we developed to enable museums and like-minded people to create digital exhibitions and - more generally - to easily engage in digital storytelling. As the themator is largely monolingual, we have set up different instances of it.

Themator in German Themator in Hungarian

md:term: The controlled vocabularies of museum-digital made accessible

Around 2010, we started to use controlled vocabularies to facilitate the common tagging and interlinking of digitized objects. For a long time, these vocabularies were not accessible for any outside viewers. Since they may be a useful resource to some, we have since developed md:term as a public and hopefully easily accessible portal for our (and some other) controlled vocabularies.