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What You See Most - The Main Frontend and Portal Software

This softqare we use


Start page of the German national portal of museum-digital.
Start page of the German national portal of museum-digital.
Extended search page in the museum-digital frontend.
Using the extended search settings, users can define exact searches.
Enriched search results in the museum-digital frontend
Search result pages are enriched based on data from our controlled vocabularies.
A timeline page in museum-digital.
The museum-digital frontend offers a timeline, for viewing search results sorted by their relations to time.
Objects on map pages in museum-digital.
Using the "objects on map" pages, users can find interesting objects based on their geographical background.
An object page.
An object page in the frontend of museum-digital.
Multilinguality in the museum-digital frontend.
museum-digital is multilingual, and so can be the displayed entries. The navigation language and the record language can be switched independent of each other.
Exhibition overview page in the museum-digital frontend
The exhibition overview page in tiles mode.
Calendars are available for exhibitions and events.
Calendars are available for exhibitions and events.
"Graph view"
The "graph view" offers users an alternative option for navigating the portal.
Keyboard control of the museum-digital frontend.
Power users can navigate the portal using their keyboard through an emacs-inspired interface.
Comparing obects
Two objects can be compared with each other

Technical Information

Focus - Design Principles

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Text about development background.


Handbook pages about the frontend Short introduction to the API
News About the Frontend in the Blog
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